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Realized: The Promise of Evidence-Based Practice in Behavioral Health


“A systemic approach to analyze published research as the basis of clinical decision making.” That’s how evidence-based medicine was first defined more than two decades ago. And it makes sense doesn’t it? The best treatment philosophies are born of experience – and if we can draw from our collective experience we give ourselves the best chance of improving outcomes.

Evidence-based treatment (EBT) in medicine has been embraced for years, but in the behavioral setting we have struggled to implement it for reasons big and small. Continue reading Realized: The Promise of Evidence-Based Practice in Behavioral Health

The People Our Clients Serve…They Are Us


I was fortunate enough to recently attend a charity event hosted by Henderson Behavioral Health of Broward County and it hit me like a ton of bricks when, midway through the presentations, ten people of various races, creeds, genders, ages, sizes and shapes walked out onto the venue. Members of this group held some of these placards:

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Diagnosis Code Debate

Diagnosis Code Debate

June 18, 2012

was recently asked the following question:

There always seems to be an on-going debate in the market as it relates to Diagnosis. There is debate is between DSM-IV and DSM-V and in other instances, I hear people in the behavioral health industry lash out against ICD-9 vs. DSM. But what I do not understand is why the code set used to define the diagnosis is focused upon as the source of frustration. In my mind, these code sets are just a language used to describe/identify a diagnosis and rather than debate the issue of whether you can truly ever accurately diagnose a client with mental illness, it seems that people debate the language. In my mind, it is as though someone called me an “idiot” in French. Frankly, I do not rally against the French language, I take umbrage with the assessment that I am an “idiot.” I am sure I am missing something, but can you explain why the language used (DSM-V, ICD-9, DSM-V) makes such a difference to people in the market? Continue reading Diagnosis Code Debate