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‘Understanding what we are currently doing, a good place to start’


After delivering a fascinating view on the potential applications of big data and analytics in healthcare at the 2013 Knowledge Network event, Jeff Hammerbacher, who was responsible for conceiving, building and leading the data team at Facebook, and is now leading a team partnered with Mt. Sinai School of Medicine on a project designed to apply the power of Big Data to predicting and understanding the process and treatment of disease, was asked a simple question: What do you think is the biggest opportunity to apply big data in healthcare right now? His reply: Understanding what is currently happening across the healthcare ecosystem would be a good place to start. For a pioneering disruptive thinker like Mr. Hammerbacher to offer such a simple actionable item as his first thought, tells you we have much work to do to harness the opportunity in front of us to make better use of data.

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