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Diagnosis Code Debate

Diagnosis Code Debate

June 18, 2012

was recently asked the following question:

There always seems to be an on-going debate in the market as it relates to Diagnosis. There is debate is between DSM-IV and DSM-V and in other instances, I hear people in the behavioral health industry lash out against ICD-9 vs. DSM. But what I do not understand is why the code set used to define the diagnosis is focused upon as the source of frustration. In my mind, these code sets are just a language used to describe/identify a diagnosis and rather than debate the issue of whether you can truly ever accurately diagnose a client with mental illness, it seems that people debate the language. In my mind, it is as though someone called me an “idiot” in French. Frankly, I do not rally against the French language, I take umbrage with the assessment that I am an “idiot.” I am sure I am missing something, but can you explain why the language used (DSM-V, ICD-9, DSM-V) makes such a difference to people in the market? Continue reading Diagnosis Code Debate