The Power of Voice

Voice technology has become part of our everyday lives – on our phones, tablets and even in our cars. The convenience it provides makes a task much easier. It is no surprise that this technology is frequently used in healthcare with electronic health record (EHR) documentation, but we take it to the next level with clinical documentation.
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EHR “Go-live” Isn’t the End … It’s Just the Beginning

Denny_M_Info-PicIt’s the culmination of months of work, starting with the EHR selection process and continuing through design, planning, training and testing. And when the system goes live, executives, IT folks and everyone involved may breathe a sigh of relief and think “mission accomplishedDenny1!”

Yes, you have accomplished something. Congratulations! But your mission to get the most benefits from your new EHR is not finished, and unfortunately, many organizations never get very far past this stage. Here’s why.

First, organizations can suffer from “perfection paralysis” at go-live. They get fixated on trying to make sure everything they ever wanted is implemented. This creates a long and sometimes unrealistic set of expectations about what constitutes “success.”

Second, there is the mistaken notion that an installed EHR is a static EHR. But your EHR is a dynamic entity, much like your organization. It should be constantly evolving, as you adapt to the changing needs of the communities you serve, compliance issues, billing requirements and best practices for treatment. You simply can’t keep up if your EHR stays the same or staff members aren’t making full use of your EHR’s functionality.

To get the best return on your investment in your EHR, I suggest you reconceptualize the EHR from a static documentation tool to a dynamic and central part of your strategic toolbox. You should also make room in your strategic plan and your budget to work with your EHR vendor on optimizing your EHR.

Here are four ways how your organization will benefit.

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Netsmart and Cornerstones of Care Shatter Traditional Client-Vendor Roles

It’s amazing what wonderful things can be accomplished when we work together. The alliance between Netsmart and Kansas City-based Cornerstones of Care is an example of two organizations that are achieving positive outcomes through collaboration and by rethinking traditional client-vendor relationship roles. Cornerstones of Care’s Electronic Health Record Director Justin Horton says that by redefining these roles with Netsmart, “We were able to move our EHR foundation forward 10 years in only 10 months’ time.”

For Horton, there’s no reason the connection between technology and healthcare providers should be complicated. “The relationship should be synchronized, coordinated and efficient,” he says. That thinking is what lead to an ongoing partnership in 2015 between the two groups, with the underlying goal to positively impact the health and well-being of children and families.  Little did they know they would shatter and reconstruct the client-vendor relationship for the better.

Cornerstones of Care’s Justin Horton and Netsmart’s Bryan Backenstoss presented the unique relationship between the organizations at the Alliance for Strong Families & Communities Senior Leadership Conference on Feb. 19 in Clearwater, Florida.

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Back from #HIMSS17: A Recap

More than a mile of exhibits greeted 40,000 individuals at HIMSS17 on February 19-23 in Orlando, Fla. In the three days the exhibit hall was opened, Netsmart welcomed attendees from across the globe to learn more about how we integrate care across communities with conversations focusing around population health, care coordination and interoperability. Guest had the opportunity to participate in Netsmart demonstrations and chat with associates about how Netsmart’s solutions can meet their ever changing needs.

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Blockchain: One Way to Accelerate Interoperability

Healthcare providers face two opposing constraints. They need to be able to share information about a person quickly, so they can provide the best treatment and avoid
errors. At the same time, they have to protect the person’s confidentiality and keep the information secure. Achieving both is a balance of find form and function in design. In my previous post on Blockchain technology I shared thoughts on the potential and possibilities. Here is my perspective on a path and some specific thoughts on how blockchain can be used to make healthcare safer, more accessible and secure.
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Netsmart Celebrates Grace Murray Hopper – Grand Lady of Software

At Netsmart we like to make sure we keep the foundation of our industry fresh in our minds each and every day. What better way to keep our eyes on the future by seeing what has been established for us in the past?grace_hopper

As part of our effort to celebrate great innovators in health and computer sciences, we took the opportunity to name meeting rooms at our Kansas City headquarters after various industry visionaries. Included in this prestigious group is the one and only Navy Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper (1906-1992), a remarkable pioneer who not only contributed to the foundation of computing but also helped pave the way for women in technology. Let’s find out what earned her the nickname, “Amazing Grace.”

From a young girl who enjoyed taking apart clocks to a distinguished Yale alum to a Navy Rear Admiral, Hopper was destined to leave her mark in technology. She dedicated herself to public service and engineering, both male-dominated fields. She was fiercely dedicated to her work and her accomplishments proved she was more than capable for the job.

She was one of the first to foreshadow the impact computers would make in everyday life – certainly ahead of her time. Hopper was one of the first programmers of the Harvard Mark I computer and also helped develop the Mark II and III computers. She was also responsible for the first computer language compiler and the precursor to the COBOL programming language. If you’ve ever heard of the term “bug” in technology, you can thank Grace Murray Hopper and the single moth that caused her hardware trouble.

A brief description of Hopper’s accomplishments hangs on the wall of the room bearing her name. Perhaps she can inspire or create the spark needed to fuel creativity and ingenuity for the next industry pioneer? Who knows, maybe our next room could be named after one of our associates!

Ultimately, Navy Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper truly lived up to her nickname and was simply amazing. If it weren’t for the the invaluable contributions of individuals like her and all of our Netsmart associates, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Stay tuned for more healthcare and IT pioneers that are featured across our campus.

Netsmart and HIMSS17: What to Expect

The HIMSS17 Conference and Exhibition is just around the corner! From February 19-23, join Netsmart and thousands of health and IT professionals from across the globe to learn about and advance the future of healthcare technology. We will be showcasing how Netsmart can help you take the right steps to integrate care across all healthcare communities. We’ll show you how we’re already connecting behavioral health and post-acute care to the rest of healthcare and the impact it has had to patient care.

Where to find Netsmart:

Find us at booth #967 where we will be revealing how we take steps to integrate care across communities with our electronic healthcare record (EHR) systems. We will have demonstrations available for you to see how we’re connecting behavioral health and post-acute care, including long-term care, home health and hospice to the rest of healthcare.

Don’t miss your chance to talk with industry experts about your organizations biggest interoperability challenges and learn how we can help you get connected to the rest of the healthcare ecosystem. Click here to schedule a demo at our booth.

Stop by our booth not only to rest your feet, charge your mobile devices, and learn more about Netsmart, but you can also enter to win a Fitbit Alta!

Breakout showcases and sessions:

Netsmart will be featured in the Interoperability Showcase which follows a fictional patient through the care continuum across various communities. You’ll see how HIT companies are working together to ensure information flows seamlessly across all care settings to ensure the best outcome for the patient You won’t want to miss it! #EmpowerHIT

Exhibit and Interoperability Showcase Hours at Exhibit Hall (Booth #967) and Interoperability Showcase (Booth #9000):

  • Monday 2/20 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday 2/21 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday 2/22 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

Our partners at InterSystems are hosting a presentation about unstructured data with Netsmart’s Senior Vice-President of Innovations, Matthew Arnheiter and Mental Health Center of Denver’s Vice President and Chief Information Officer Wes Williams, Ph.D. from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm on Monday, 2/20 at the InterSystem booth #1561.

Connect and share:

We want to hear from you! Throughout the week, tag us in your favorite HIMSS17 moments with us on Twitter (@NetsmartTech) or Facebook (/Netsmart). Make sure to include #HIMSS17 and #NTST in your posts!

More than just an EHR, Netsmart is committed to connecting all aspects of healthcare with a central focus of serving the whole person. We’re honored to be a leader in the industry and we are excited to show you what lies ahead for health technology! See you soon!

Who is Netsmart?
Netsmart is the largest technology provider connecting behavioral health and post-acute care with all of healthcare. Netsmart is passionate about integrating care across all aspects of a community. As a leader in healthcare, we know that healthcare doesn’t always happen in a traditional clinical setting so we’re committed to working alongside our clients to innovate the most effective and intuitive technology possible.

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